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Learn how to utilize your
own personal banking strategy

Retire with a tax free income, eliminate the debt you have without spending more money, cash on hand to use as you dictate, and have the security of a proper death benefit as you begin your wealth journey.

Use an infinite banking plan to create POSITIVE ARBITRAGE

Debt Elimination

What if there was a way to pay off your debts using the budget that you are currently spending in half the time? This is a great place to start.

Wealth Building

Compound interest plus the ability to retire or invest tax free while earning interest. These used to be tools of the rich and are available to the average family today.

Approve Your Own Loan

When you need money, you need it. Use the leverage of an IUL to cut out the bank and approve your own loan and terms for vehicles, real estate, debts, etc.



A 1035 annuity exchange is a rule under Section 1035 of the Internal Revenue Code that allows for a tax-free exchange of a life insurance or annuity policy for a different annuity contract that is better suited to an investor’s needs.

So… Positive Arbitrage

This is THE solution to planning your future growth on your terms, avoid losses associated with mutual funds (401K etc.), protect yourself from taxes and develop an abundance of resources through the process of infinite banking.

We plan your strategy with you

We are a team of experienced financial strategists and resourceful insurance industry leaders that understand how your money is and isn’t working for you. We seek to help you achieve “positive arbitrage”. (Positive Arbitrage is the process of money for one price while simultaneously earning at another price on the same money. Interesting right? This simply means that you can lend yourself your own money in a planning vehicle at one price while it is preserved and earning at a higher rate at the same time. That is positive arbitrage.) Great for a tax free retirement. Great for college funding. Great for immediate cash when needed. Great for investment capital. Great for financial freedom generated from money you are already spending on treading water.

“I am 29 and used the debt elimination plan to cut my pay-off time in have, save a ton of interest and I am doing without a dime extra out of pocket.”

Janice M. – Minneapolis, MN

“I am a 48 year old investor who leverages purchasing with saved down payments or owner financing. Now, with infinite banking wealth builder, I can write myself a check on my own approval at any time and bid at auction with cash like more well heeled investors than me.”

Mr. Andrew G. – Milwaukee, WI

“I am a senior citizen and missed much of the boat on this, but I was able to earn some measurable amount on a tax free retirement income and earn a final expense policy to cover my family from my expenses.”

John F. – Orlando, FL

Let’s work together on your
next financial project

A ten minute consultation will let us both know if a program is a fit you you.